Little Sneers

Sour-scented sidewalks and shitty people smoking outside bars.

Fingers to dirty her skin, someone to pant into her neck.

Walking hangovers, trembling hands, the edge of ribs and cheekbones.

Shadows grown beneath her eyes, sallow and smudged.

Little sneers, heavy-lidded in his eyes, on her tongue.

In the narrow bar’s hall, next to the bathroom door.

Aches, needs, rough short fingernails digging into her hips.

No rings, no earnest whispers.

No lies, no like.

Only shared cigarette debts.

I’m trying to move apartments and pass my comps, so things may be sparse the next couple weeks on this blog. Its the reason you got whatever the above was for this weeks Music Challenge. Raw Rambles chose Miss You by Alabama Shakes, and we both wrote something. 


Let Me At My Name

My name means pearl, smooth and pale

The treasure nestled in the cleft of slender throat

A soft bow, a weak glow

The collar about a housewife immortalized on screen

No edges, soft simplicity

The pride of sorority, an insidious slur of fraternity.

Let me at my name

The label of my make, my assemblage

Turn those pale orbs to teeth

The sharp things that gleam brightly from dark corners

A grinned promise to cheat behind fanned cards

The warning to those who would pry me from my home

To string me around their necks

The bared reminder that there is bite in me

It has been a long week, and I didn’t have time to finish the normal fiction, so you all get punished with something vaguely resembling poetry. Mindlovemisery Menagerie‘s Wordle prompt is to blame!