A Formal Dissapointment

Remy watched the University clocktower tick towards disaster. From the library windows, the obelisk marred the horizon, catching her eye as she moved through the stacks. Four hours until dinner. Four hours before disappointment sunk permanently into her father’s eyes.

Everyone said this third engagement would be the charm. The thing that would draw Remy, at least temporarily, from her research and the stacks of books she hid within. Everyone said it, few believed it, except for Remy’s father. He held onto hope that a husband would put an end to his daughter’s unaspiring hermitage at the University and that he’d get more grandchildren out of the bargain.

Remy shuddered at the thought of constant interruptions and sticky hands over her work.

Her father and her betrothed’s parents would have already settled on the specifics of the match, the rest fell to Remy. The proposal was set for tonight, where she was to take Lord something-or-other’s hand and request the honor of being his wife. No doubt the public formality of it all was designed to corner her into the absurd agreement.

The ploy would have worked in most cases. Remy was not adamant about many things, preferring a carefully and slowly constructed argument on silent pages to the flights of passion people passed off as conviction and conversation. But her research was sacred. A husband would only get in the way.

They forced Remy’s hand with this ploy. The only public and formal thing happening tonight was humiliation and disappointment.

The distant clocktower continued to tell time. Three hours and fifty-five minutes until disaster now, Remy thought. She sighed and went back to her books.

I’ve been robbed, but I couldn’t be happier about it. Both The Gate In The Wood and Creatures, Critters and Crawlers have stolen my first line and written their own posts as part of the Legal Theft Project. 



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