Legal Theft: From the Right Side

Sunrise was an acquired taste. One made palatable depending on the side you viewed it from. Where most would wake, drink stimulants into their veins, and jog around their sidewalks or duck into their sedans for a commute, Aiden preferred to watch the purpling eastern sky with heavy eyes and cottonmouth, when his night was just wearing off.

From his side, it was a reward. The universe gifted him a private finale where ever he deigned to take it after hours well-spent. Then he would fall into bed. Those others could only peer at the deep gold of a new morning from under windshields and with the dawning of their day’s tasks looming.

It wasn’t much, but it was something he could definitively feel superior about.

Aiden shuffled across the parking lot with an oil-soaked fast food bag in hand. His RV was where he’d left it, as it always was. The strewn trash and heaps of clothing inside promised nothing to any thieves, and Aiden knew personally how lazy and opportunistic the lot were. Unconcerned whether everything was where he left it, he didn’t go inside.

The sky was still mostly dark, with hints of foggy blue in the upper sky. He had time to set out the small feast of savory, greasy food on the RV’s hood and climb up. His shoe created another dent that would either pop out or wouldn’t. He sighed deeply, settling, and leaned back against the windshield.

Far away from the little parking lot, the freeways were beginning to clog as the pavement filled with people rushing towards days filled with errands, responsibilities, bosses, and noise. If they were fortunate, they might spare a glimpse for the dawn growing in the eastern sky.

A plastic straw to his lips, exhaustion setting deep into his bones after the night’s highs, and the sky blooming before him, Aiden felt like the luckiest man alive.  He stretched and made sure to savor the taste of it all.

So many thieves, of which I am one. This is part of the Legal Theft Project, where the lazy and opportunistic steal the first line from someone else and write our own piece with it. 


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