Legal Theft: Mistaken for Honesty

What he was suggesting was legally corrupt, but surprisingly amusing. Vincent stared at the unique signing bonus, unused to being on the other side of temptation. A trip, the first of many, waited on the desk top.

The offer was generous, timely, and promised Vincent he would never have to sit behind a desk again. No more meetings, no more frumpy secretaries, just one endless happy hour.

His fingers twitched towards the half-written thing and the plane tickets. There was no formal agreement yet, nothing recorded to damn either of them, he doubted there ever would be.

Mr. Adam Hazar’s reputation was pristine thing, and it would be kept that way. A community member, family man, and successful heir to his father’s international conglomerates, Mr. Hazar existed beyond reproach and those who voiced otherwise rarely did so for long.

That same man watched Vincent shift in front of the thick desk. “What do you think?” Mr. Hazar asked.

“That this is generous, especially considering my current predicament.” Vincent said, letting none of the twisting fear spoil his gracious smile. There was no use pretending he wasn’t in a bind. Vincent had a day, maybe two, before his current company realized what he’d been doing. “But I don’t know why you’re offering this job to me.”

“Many jobs.” Mr. Hazar corrected, and then checked his watch. He frowned slightly at the time and then tapped the paper between them almost impatiently. “You are terrible behind a desk. However, we both know real business is done at galas and golf courses.”

Vincent inclined his head an inch.

“I like helping people, and you need help,” Mr. Hazar continued. “You’ll never see the inside of a cubicle again as your talents lean towards soft negotiations, which I can appreciate.”

“They do.” Vincent was too grateful to dwell much on what Hazar’s soft negotiations entailed exactly. He took another look at his new boss.

Adam Hazar was a sturdy man, neither overly muscular nor fat. He had a plain handsome quality to his face, something which could easily be mistaken for honesty by the stupid. Unlike Vincent, Hazar looked perfectly at home behind the polished oak desk. It was not until the man stood and offered a hand that Vincent questioned the wisdom of taking it.

“Let me know. I would be pleased to have you on the team.” Hazar’s handshake was tight, and painfully strong for a moment.

Vincent kept the twinge from his face, and nodded with another grateful smile. Hazar already knew Vincent’s answer, but appearances were important. “I will. Thank you.”

I am a thief perhaps? In any case this is part of the Legal Theft Project. 


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