Hate the Game

This felt like a trick, and worse, a trick she’d fallen for. Her face was too warm, a rosy flush betrayed her. More than her blush, Lia disliked how easy her mouth rested, as if it were prone to the smile she wore now.

In contrast his lips remained sardonically bowed, turning up only with the occasional sharp joke. Few things at the party had seemed to impress him. With a quick comment, she finally managed to elicit a soft laugh, and they grinned together. Lia felt her cheeks burn.

“Maybe I will buy you a second drink,” He said, clinking the drink he’d gifted her with his own. The curved flutes reflected the sparkling lights of the villa gardens.

“Maybe?” Lia said, but her well-honed sarcasm was blunted. She took a small sip of pale gold champagne, enjoying the dry bite if not the pressure in created behind her eyes. Through the misty haze of alcohol and light, she considered the pleasant outline beneath his suit lapels.

His smile was superior. It whispered impress me. His whole manner challenged her to rise and fight for that trivial second drink. And right then, she desperately wanted to.

Lia didn’t return the smile, or anything like it. Men like him were good at this, his effect on her was proof enough. This wasn’t a game she would win.

“Maybe,” Lia shrugged and finished her champagne deliberately. She left his side, taking  the last word as a consolation prize and went to seek out less fraught company.

Raw Rambles asked me to write to Kayne West’s Runaway this week as part of our Music Challenge Series. I am posting early so I don’t forget amidst the funding proposal slog.  Raw Rambles piece is here


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