Legal Theft: A Little Pang

“Four months? You said two.” He whined. My feet shuffled cold sand as he tugged me towards him. The sun had yet to rise and warm the beaches, but we were sailing with the tide and could not wait for it. Despite the unattractive pout ruining Ano’s normally handsome features, I slipped into his arms and looked up at him.

“Its not like I knew how long voyages take.” I lied and tossed my hair over my shoulder. The wind off the waves caught it almost painfully, snapping it back around my face like a black sail.

Ano frowned and helped tuck it behind my ears, keeping his hands there. “Then just tell them you don’t want to go.” He implored, face close to mine.

“I promised.” In truth I’d asked, then cajoled when Captain Kelani had initially refused. My persistence, and the Captain’s growing annoyance, had eventually won out.

He huffed and stepped away. “This is unfair, what am I supposed to do while your gone? You don’t even like sailing.”

It was hard not sigh and feel a little pang. Even with the spoiled curl of his lip, his tawny hair and broad chest were always something to look at. I wasn’t the only one who thought so, I doubted Ano would be lonely for long. “There’s always Nohea.”

His eyes widened like a child caught stealing a sweet. “Look whatever she said–”

Well that answered that. I’d caught him looking before, but apparently I hadn’t caught everything.

“Goodbye Ano.” I left him on the beach and made my way to the waiting ship.  Captain Kelani greeted me with a jut of his round chin. I grinned and took my place against the rail, ready to watch my home vanish into the glowing horizon. And now, there was one less thing to miss.

This weeks Legal Theft comes from Bekah, who asked us to steal a new experience. 


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