Warm Sheets and Cold Skin

Alone when he woke, the blinds cut the morning light into pieces across the empty sheets. The fabric was warm, but only from the sun. She had left hours before, taking her warmth with her. He turned over under the cloth.

There were no strange clothes, or even a stray hair pin. Some of his friends claimed women left things, intending to return for them with questions of commitment. Apparently last night’s company, with her strong legs and unsettling intensity, did not intend to come back.

Her absence lay abrasive against his ego. The discomfort woke him fully.

The bedroom floor was still cold. His feet twitched as he shuffled across the hardwood, searching for his own discarded clothes. A shirt rumpled over the chair, socks in separate corners, briefs across the dresser top.

He was accounted for. But she’d vanished. The number he’d entered on his phone, the pictures he’d taken while she turned away shyly, those were gone too. Anger eased the sting of abandonment for the moment, what else had she left with?

His wallet was intact and full. As were his keys left on the floor of the hallway, dropped in his clumsy rush to get them both into the bedroom. Hunkered beneath the second floor, the bottom of his townhouse received no morning. He slipped into his kitchen.

Once the smell of coffee filled the downstairs, he leaned against a granite countertop and took stock. There was no imagining last night, his own body remembered the taut skin and smooth muscles it’d touched, even if now he could find no evidence of her. It remembered the shiver as her odd eyes met his.

A similar, not entirely pleasant, thrill dashed up his spin and into his ears. He shook himself, and stopped looking for signs of her.

Raw Rambles’ music challenge is responsible for this week’s post. Per her challenge, the song and video below inspired this post.  Posts will continue to be short as I am still getting settled in the Pacific Northwest and starting PhD work over the next couple weeks.


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