Legal Theft: Pests and Proof

They claimed rats, she didn’t believe it for a moment.

Kira eyed the security camera tucked into the corner of the sterile walls. Its light didn’t blink at her, and the lens didn’t track as she tested it, swaying side to side. More importantly, no alarms blared through the corridor. They’d shut the cameras off.

Someone didn’t want tonight recorded. Kira smirked up at the disabled lens and shouldered the strap of her own camera, she wasn’t going to accommodate that.

For the first time in the research company’s history, someone had managed to stick Dovon Affiliated Medical with a viable lawsuit. An investigation was underway and the authorities would be present tomorrow to search for proof of the alleged unlawful trials. They wouldn’t find anything of course. By tomorrow morning, the “exterminators” would be gone and so would any proof of the lawsuits grounding.

She just needed pictures, a few files, something to keep it open and pressure Dovon to a settlement. Blue lock screens lit the cubicles of the upper level offices. Without worry of observation, Kira flitted between the terminals, running her fingers under the keyboards. Access cards were small and easily misplaced, lazy workers often slipped them close for convenience.

Her fingers found plastic.

The exterminators were already in the labs. Kira listened to them though the walls as she padded down the industrially cold stairwells. The night was young, she needed to find a lab they hadn’t scrubbed yet.

The stairwell didn’t stop on the ground floor continuing to wind down deep into the lower labs. Kira paused on the landing, looking out the glass doors into the facility parking lot. Her bike was there, tucked behind a hedge. There were people who would pay well for the access cards in her pocket. Easy money and a clear escape if she just left now.

Justice wasn’t something that happened to behemoths like Dovon Affiliated. Even with overwhelming evidence of illicit human trials, the medical giant would settle the suit and find someone to fire. Business would go on, the fiscal loss would be absorbed by Dovon’s patients. The board and their CEO probably wouldn’t feel a thing.

At most, she’d be a pest.

Kira’s lip twitched. Above her the exterminators did their work, but below she couldn’t hear a sound. The bottom labs were yet untouched. She checked her camera one more time and turned her back on the parking lot. A pest, thought Kira with another smile, as she plunged into the depths of the facility.

For this week I challenged my fellow thieves to include a rodent and/or pest problem. 

Creatures, Critters and Crawlers, rose to the task with Cat TV. 


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