Legal Theft: Stacked Odds

“Heads I win, tails you lose, your choice.” Aiden dangled the quarter in front of his sister’s magazine, forcing her attention away from the glossy pages. He widened his eyes in innocence when she pursed her lips.

She pushed his hand out of the way. “You’re gonna have to do better than that.”

“Worked on Mason.” Aiden flopped down RV’s thin carpet and picked up a magazine from the stack. He turned randomly to the middle and started flipping pages.

“Mason is seven and he still eats dirt.” She watched Aiden absentmindedly peruse the magazine. They’d lost most of Aiden’s books when they’d had to run back in Boulder. The nine-year-old was still mourning the loss and trying to find substitutes, at least before their father delivered on his promise to get more. “Just don’t mark up the quizzes.”

Aiden snapped his eyes to hers, his expression too serious to be genuine. “But then how will I ever find out if I’m a summer or winter?”

She snorted and pushed at Aiden’s shoulder with her foot. “You’re an autumn.”

He rocked back with a small grin and returned to the slick pages. Aiden managed about five minutes before he closed the magazine and sighed, bored again. “When’s dad coming back?”

Their father had been gone almost two days, which was nothing, but there was precious little to do illegally parked at the back of a campground.  They’d made friends with the family camping next to them, but the only kid there was the seven year old Mason. Aiden tired of his company almost as quickly as he had the magazine’s. She, worldly at thirteen, had better things to do.

She got up from the sunken couch cushion and began pulling open cabinets. If either of them got tired of instant mac and cheese cups, Mason’s family had fed them before. “I don’t know. You hungry?” She asked.

Aiden, still sprawled on the floor, heaved a deep sigh. “I’m bored.”

She closed her eyes and breathed through her nose. “I–” The sound of tires on gravel interrupted her. Aiden rocked to his feet and they peered through the dirty RV windows together. A sleek black car rolled up the campsite drive and parked.

“That’s not dad.”  Aiden voiced what they both knew.

I’ve outdone myself this week. Not only have I stolen a first line this week from a Librarian over at The Gate in the Wood, but I also stole a character from More than 1/2 Mad


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