Flash Fiction: Amends

Ahvia possessed little experience making amends. Making an escape? Yes. Devising ingenious schemes, in spades. She’d even orchestrated a few revenge plots, all of which had gone swimmingly. But anything resembling reparation? That she’d never attempted.

The clink of packs and armor filled the tunnels as they fell into silence and their own thoughts. As the party navigated the dark trails Ahvia mused over the strange surface custom and whether it might be called for.

It’d taken her a few days to realize something was amiss in the first place. Ennah was taciturn on her most talkative days. But Ahvia’s normal chatter was met with pointed disregard instead of fond, if frustrated, groans from her friend.

She’d even caught Ennah testing the wine skin Ahvia shared, as if any good rogue would be stupid enough to attempt poisoning someone of the ranger’s constitution. That implication was just rude.

Ahvia watched the Ennah and one of the dwarves rush into the grasp of some plant monster, and vaguely wondered if perhaps the brutish bearded creatures were rubbing off on the elf. Ennah certainly fought like one, ripping limb and leaf apart before getting inelegantly smashed by the overgrown topiary. Ahvia sighed, aimed a crossbow bolt, and dismantled the verdant monster with a well placed shot.

Something would have to be done, she thought, as Ennah picked herself up and continued to ignore the person who’d saved her from the walking hedge.

The question was what…and how…and for which reason. Even if Ahvia could figure what had gone wrong, apologies were things designed to lure the gullible into a false sense of security before another inevitable betrayal. And friends didn’t do that to friends, per surface custom at least.

Until she figured it out, Ahvia could not even make a charming joke about organ harvesting without getting a growl from the elf.

I did something fun this week with characters from my Dungeons & Dragons game. Thank you More than 1/2 Mad for letting me use her character (even though I didn’t ask or tell her about it).


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