Midnight Snack (5)

It wasn’t right to hope something would happen, but it was almost midnight and Lis had a calculus quiz first period tomorrow. She sighed and lowered the camera, peering past the haze of yellow streetlights. Why had she expected criminals to be punctual?

The wrought iron of the fire escape dug through her sweatshirt and into her back. Despite the discomfort, it was the best vantage point on the block. Half perched, half curled on the cold metal, she could easily see two of the three entrances to the medical supply warehouse. Someone would have to show up eventually.

At least they did if Lis was going to get paid. No evidence of corporate sabotage, no check. And without that check there wasn’t anyway her little sister was going on her eighth grade DC field trip. The price tag had been steep when Lis had been in middle school, and she’d not been able to go. Rachel hadn’t mentioned it yet, but Lis sure as hell wasn’t going to say no if Rachel did.

Reminded of her other responsibilities, Lis fished for her phone in the depths of her camera bag. She’d missed two texts from Rachel an hour ago. She sighed and put the phone back before she could feel too guilty about it. Paper crunched under her fingers.

Lis frowned and pulled the brown paper bundle from the deep camera bag. She hadn’t put that there.

Inside, wrapped in plastic,  were two halves of a cucumber sandwich with the crust cut off. Three foil covered chocolates waited at the bottom of the paper along with a note in Rachel’s round writing.

Lis read the note and smiled as her eyes prickled a little. She unwrapped the sandwich, took a bite, and picked up her camera. She’d stay until she got something. Evidence, check, Rachel’s trip.

It was as simple as that.


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