Legal Theft: Get Mine

I didn’t enjoy this part. Their eyes might grow glassy, their face slack, some sagged in the arms of the arresting officers. It was the moment they finally believed the thing happening, was happening to them.

Lady Elena Davens didn’t loll in the arms of the empire guard as they led her across the veranda of her summer home. But the moment came for her as it did for everyone I caught. Nose flared, eyes showing white around pupils in numb panic. I watched it all, though hidden and ready I could have left before the guards came. There were reports to file and supervisors to debrief.

There is something to be said for owning one’s actions. I’d just destroyed this woman’s life solely to further my own aims. I stayed to look her in the eye.

Davens did not appreciate the gesture. Fury broke through the shock of her arrest when she saw me waiting on the polished garden path. “You little –” Emotion tangled her tongue before she could sling the slur at me. “What charges have you managed to muck up?”

She could have guessed. The former shipping mogul  was guilty in the way that powerful people were always guilty. Untouchable with clean hands and armies of accountants. But Lady Elena Davens had drawn the attention of someone larger than herself and I’d been called in. My specialty was turning the untouchable tangible.

“Smuggling, tax fraud, collusion with enemies of the empire. Those are some of them.” I said.

She sneered at me, not bothering to deny the counts against her. Afterall I wasn’t wrong, rarely am. She leaned against the officer’s arms, twisting as we approached the enforcement shuttle. “Disgusting sycophant. Enjoy licking their boots for the rest of your miserable life. You’ll get yours” Davens said with a serenity that would have unnerved some. For me, it was difficult to hold back a smile.

I was good at my job and only getting better. I had no doubt one day I’d get mine.

Another victim-less crime this week perhaps. Apprentice, Never Master was kind enough to supply the prompt for this Legal Theft. 


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