Breakfast (1)

Aiden rolled over in bed and frowned. The sun was only a pale gold crack at the base of the window shade. He rolled over again, creating a tangled burrow of sheets and comforter. Then he kicked it off and buried his face in a pillow. When that didn’t work he started groping for his phone.

He found it beneath another pillow and fumbled to turn on the screen. The numbers were painfully bright in the dark. Aiden rubbed his eyes, propped himself up on an elbow, and squinted at the screen again. There was no way that was right.

Fifteen minutes later he wandered towards the open solar-turned-study in a pair of mostly clean sweatpants and the shirt he’d slept in. Bryan Connolly was there and already busy. Aiden’s guardian looked over scrolling code and security video as it ran across a laptop’s large screen and synced monitors. A tablet was bright in Bryan’s hands.

Nearby a breakfast of fresh berries, eggs, and varieties of small herb toasts had been set enticingly on carved oak tray. As of yet, it wasn’t touched.

Aiden stepped softly, socks sliding on the polished hardwood. He made it just past the door frame when his stomach grumbled loudly and gave him away. The food smelled amazing. Aiden glared at the offending organ as Bryan turned around.

“Good morning.” Bryan said, looking uncharacteristically surprised. “It’s ten.”

“I know.” Aiden said as he shuffled into the room.

“On a Saturday.”

“I know.” Aiden repeated and began to hover around the trays. They’d been recently placed. Steam still rose from the eggs. “I’m as surprised as you are. Is this–?”

Bryan locked the tablet’s screen and motioned for Aiden to help himself. He watched his ward ransack the breakfast offerings with an enthusiasm only teenagers and the recently starved manage. He expected Aiden to retreat then, perhaps off to his room to play the cheap music he was so fond of.

Instead Aiden took his food and flopped down on one of the richly upholstered settees, managing to keep everything on his plate. Bryan blinked. He doubted that aside from the desk and perhaps an armchair on occasion, any of the furniture in the expansive solar had ever been used. Now it was dangerously close to having jam spilled on it.

Like a particularly skinny otter, Aiden set his plate on his chest before retrieving his phone from a pocket, and then went about alternating between munching toast and scrolling. Still waking up and currently multitasking, Aiden didn’t realize he was being observed.

Bryan watched fascinated for a moment, before accepting the fact he was now sharing his study. With a soft, not displeased sigh, he went back to work, but not before picking up his own piece of toast.

This is the first themed vignette I will be posting over the next couple weeks. This round’s theme, you can guess it I assume, is the meals of the day. Each one will be a different character. 


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