Legal Theft: A Trek and a Terragator

The mud squelched under her combat boots as she bent to flip over the corpse. Crouched and breathing in the fumes of the swamp and its new addition, Honey made a small wish. She pushed the stiff body onto its back. Even in the dim of twilight she could see the corpse’s dark eyes, now clouded and stuck in bloated sockets. The hair was wrong too. She spit into the fetid water and stood. “Not him.”

“Told you.” Grand smiled; more pleased than she had a right to be. They were both stuck until they brought back the thief or proof of his demise. Their employers knew enough of them to expect the latter and make peace with that. Grand pulled open Davey’s driver side door and folded herself inside.  She slapped the outside of the door. “Come on. Sid won’t be rotting in a puddle. He was outfitted. Unlike some.”

“Give the boots a rest.” Honey stood and tramped through the sinking ground. Steel lined and heavy as hell, she admitted they were not ideal for navigating the swamp roads surrounding their territory. Neither was the makeshift plate hanging off her shoulders and weighing down her hips. It didn’t mean she was going to take it off. “You never complain about the boots when their stomping in your enemies rib cages.”

Grand didn’t have a rebuttal for that. “Wipe them off. Davey just got a bath.” The tall woman leaned back into the wide seat and started the engine.

Honey rolled her eyes, foot already half way to Davey’s oversized tires to kick off the mud. Leave it to Grand to worry about keeping her seats clean in the middle of the swamplands. Still, tracking dirt into the precious car carried a death sentence for most; as Grand’s friend Honey would simply suffer days of cold shoulders and annoyed sideways stares. Entertaining as it was, their thief-finding venture was turning into a trek. Best everyone be in a good mood. Honey finished cleaning off her combat boots and slid in. “I’m gonna throw one if the bastard got himself eaten by a terragator.”

“Then we bring in the terragator.” Grand said. Davey pulled from the mud with a smooth turn.  Grand eased the gas down and breathed in relief as the trees and open water parted before the road.

Honey rested her arm through the open window. She kept a watch on the swamp as it raced by, gun relaxed in her lap. “Yah, I guess.” That didn’t sound too bad.

No one ever said a thief had to be punctual. This weeks Legal Theft was taken from the The Gate in the Wood, there is combat boots to be had there as well. Check out the rest of the footwear at the Legal Theft Project. 


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