Legal Theft: Ash and Water

The last thread of humanity broke and he collapsed into the explosion of power. The blast rushed outward from the circle rending shriveled little souls from beautifully robed bones. All those that had gathered around him perished. Their sinews of soul, muscle, and ambition fell unwoven and broken on the gilded marked floors.

His power did not pause as it stampeded from the lower chambers. It coursed past the wards and into the ground floor where maids dusted and cooks prepared luncheon. The air grew stale in its wake, a too subtle warning before the wave crashed over the house.


In the gardens a sister followed her brother through hedges and under dappled sunlight. The two children slipped between verdant barriers searching for a place to hide their spoils.

Silver ringed sapphires and ropes of pearls overflowed in the boy’s hands. He shared a grin with his sister, this would show them. Months away from the house their parents still only had eyes for strange robed visitors and the whispers beneath the house floors. This would make them pay attention.

It did not take them long to bury their stolen treasure and emerge onto the green with dirt under their fingernails. The afternoon was bright and late summer left the gardens swollen with life. The brother frowned as they strolled along the pond’s shore. No one had come after them yet.

The sister turned towards the house, there was something in the air. The taste of ash dried her throat.

I stole the first line of this piece for the Legal Theft Project. Check out the original line over at The Gate in the Wood.


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