Flash Fiction: Resurrection Men

The resurrection men arrive after midnight. There are three tonight, scarves curled around mouths and noses with long dark coats. One can see the lanterns they hold, like lost souls bobbing among the graves, from beyond the boneyard fences.

They bring with them spades and bags to find the newly dead. Only the freshest will do, so young doctors might know what the living look like on the inside. The doctors could not save those who lie within the boneyard, but perhaps they can save others. That is what the watchman says when he sees the lantern souls bobbing and then turns away.

In polite conversation the resurrection men name themselves men of science. In boasts over cups, they are treasure hunters. In the quiet of the night, when there is no one to lie to, they call themselves sinners.  But they emerge each night still, ready with bag and spade.

Do not disturb the resurrection men. Ghosts are kinder than the living who make their money digging in grave dirt.


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