Legal Theft: Canaries

Due to travel, here is a late Legal Theft to fill in for my normal Tuesday post. Thievery is often a result of laziness after all. The original line was stolen from Bek over at her blog. Check out her stuff there and the rest of the thieves here.

No one had to tell her that everything was about to change. No one had to tell her anything. It wasn’t their responsibility, and so Desiree went about her days as if the world was not about to crumble.

The sleek cars came first, and inside them sleek men in suits, to take her classmates away. Valedictorians, fledgling socialites, and degenerate heirs were whisked from the campus. After they’d been disappeared, their things were packed with an efficiency only small armies of staff could muster.

Desiree and the other scholarship students observed first with bemusement as the school emptied of affluence. They enjoyed the vacant halls, devoid of withering, yet always pitying, looks they received along with their charity of an education. Even the teachers, the best money could hire, slipped away with the aid of impressive salaries. The unease settled next, what foresight had their riches afforded them?

The housemaids, the groundskeepers, and the kitchen ladies watched the canaries drop one by one to the mine floor. These things never boded well, they said shaking their heads. They, now alone with the young dregs of the student body, had no summer homes or alpine lodges in far off countries. This was their only home, their only retreat.

Desiree watched the first explosion from the campus green.


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