Sigh, no post this week.

That’s right, I’m claiming another bout of graduate student as an excuse from my normal posting schedule. The malady is self inflicted and not contagious, fear not. Saturday will still bring another round of Legal Theft.

Until then, enjoy this brief window into the world of thesis.

My committee:


Late night work: 


Awaiting edits:


Venturing out into the real world:


But then my focus area comes up in conversation: 


Contacting potential PhD programs: 


When my friends help me find that perfect word: 


Using my thesis as an excuse to get out of things:


If people haven’t realized this by now, I may also be a little obsessed with Gravity Falls.


2 responses to “Sigh, no post this week.

  1. Ha! Love the GIFs and I completely understand the graduate student sickness. Mine will continue in less than a month, though I’ve been plagued with a mini bout of it during the summer months as well. Good luck with everything! Fellow grad students unite!

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