Legal Theft: Robbers

She could see that he was angry at her in the set of his jaw and the way he gripped the wheel. Nicole didn’t care. She pumped her legs and raced across the dark parking lot, the duffle bag thumping across her back.

Kent had been in a sour mood for the last week as they’d prepared for their big league debut. He shouldn’t have been, Nicole thought. There were no alarms going off and aside from a slight delay at the vault, they’d done it. No more dealing in petty laundering and dealing, this was the end of that. Still Kent had told her they’d never pull off a big scale robbery.

The look he gave her when she slid into the SUV’s seat was downright murderous. Nicole gaped at him as the engine idled.  “Go!” She slammed a hand on the dashboard. He didn’t move.

“What the hell? Drive Kent!” She gestured to the roadway. For the moment it was completely free of cops or any sort of pursuit.

Kent’s knuckles were bloodless against the wheel, hands stationary as the car purred ready under them. Nicole turned to shove him but froze. Pressed to the back of her partner’s skull was sleek nondescript handgun. The person holding it blended into the dark of the backseat, hooded and still.

“This was such a  stupid idea.” His jaw barely moved but his voice shook. “Give her the bag.”

Nicole stared at the silent figure holding the gun. “Nicole.” Kent pleaded, now he just sounded scared.

She slung the bag over the headrests. The woman with the gun shouldered the strap with her free hand and opened the SUV door. The nose of the gun never wavered from its target.

With fluid grace the gunwoman descended from the SUV, switching the gun to point at Nicole as she walked backwards. The gunwoman raised her hand, signalling. A moment later a dark sedan pulled from around the building, sliding up to them without headlights.

Nicole and Kent could only gape as the woman ducked backwards into the waiting car, their spoils still slung over her shoulder. They didn’t move. The gun was still pointed at them, and it remained so until the black sedan tore onto the open road leaving them alone in the parking lot.

“Oh my.” Nicole said, hands now shaking violently.

“Now that is how you pull off a robbery.” Kent said in stunned appreciation. A moment later alarms blared from the building.

Another heist for the Legal Theft Project. This week the line came from Bekah’s piece “Ride Home”  Check out the rest of thieves here


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