Bone Chips

This is in response to a wordle prompt of the talented Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

She had an hour until dinner. In thirty minutes one of her siblings would call down to the basement to remind her. This was because Thana needed the full half-hour to secure her work and make sure she wasn’t covered in anything that would sicken her family.

Thana lowered the saw and dusted away bone chips, The fabricated socket would suffice. This particular project of hers wasn’t made for speed or mobility and few rough joints would not hamper its ability to guard their home. Besides, if you wanted more than four appendages and were not willing to work with chitin, you had to make your own.

Satisfied with her progress Thana handed the saw to her shadowy assistant. With a grunt she shoved the pseudo-shoulder joint into the new socket, muscling it into the proper position. She then threaded a surgical needle, dipped it in a well of thick black plasma, and began sewing the cold flesh of the arm and torso together with long thick stitches. As the silver needle dove and resurfaced the sinew stretched and muscle fibers grew.

When Thana finished she cut the thread and tested the give of the skin, feeling if her fingers could breach the new flesh with any ease. Pleased with the strength she set about preparing the next step. The first time she’d carved her mother’s symbol into dead flesh her hands had shaken with fear and inexperience. Now, centuries later, her ceremonial dagger cut through the corpse’s skin with sure strokes. Viscous blood welled from the wound and the scent of cocoa and chili powder emanated from the revenant.

The first thing the manufactured creature did was look at her with grey-filmed eyes. Its mouth moved sluggishly trying to remember how to speak. It couldn’t anymore of course. The speech centers of the brain were long gone, even if the creature had possessed the dexterity to move its tongue and jaw in tandem.

“Glorious.” She said to herself and smiled.

“Someone on tiptoes, at the top of the stairs.” The words were a rough whisper at her ear. Thana sent her servant a hard look at the unnecessary message and the small creature of shadow and ashes cringed back. Undead shades were sneaky, observant and terribly stupid. But they could speak and by nature kept out of the way, all qualities of a decent lab assistant.

The communication box buzzed. “Thana, dinner in thirty.” Her sister’s voice chimed through the speaker. The revenant on the table groaned loudly and started to pull at the restraints. Her shade assistant leaned back but Thana simply wadded up a bundle of gauze and poked it into the revenant’s mouth. The thing still struggled but it’s growls were muffled efficiently by the gag.

“Watch it. If it gets too rowdy come get me.” Thana stripped off her gore stained lab coat and rechecked the restraints. If she’d achieved what she thought she had, this was the strongest of them yet. Her family’s defenses were well on their way to their old glory.

Thana tossed the coat across the chair and decided a shower would be in order. Her family was often squeamish and Thana was fairly sure there were bone chips in her hair.


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