Legal Theft: Grand Potential

Alex thought that it wasn’t really his fault. He’d run the bet, sure, maybe even goaded the two meat heads into it a little. But he hadn’t forced them to race. He definitely hadn’t been the one to smash their cars into side of the empty reservoir gully while Alex and their respective girlfriends looked on in horror. That was on them.

Problem was, they weren’t around to take that blame. Alex was, and it was really beginning to wear. The little town had lost two of its golden boys in a literal fiery crash and were now left with him as the smoke cleared. The shock from the tragedy wore off fast, and then the storm rolled in. His parents were helpless. They asked the police for help, which Alex didn’t hold against them, what else were two law abiding citizens supposed to do when their son started getting death threats?

But the police officers went to the high school football games too. The two empty spots on the roster weighed on them same as everyone else apparently. Alex avoided them and the considering looks they sent at his back.

Small town, small minds. People kept going on liked he’d culled some grand potential. Sure everyone talked about getting out of here, but it never actually happened. Those kids, like the rest of Alex’s peers, would have finished off their high school peak in a couple years fine. Then they would have lived quiet and pathetic lives as hardware store clerks and plumbers. It was the way things went around here.

Except for Alex. Now he was going to be that kid. Then probably that drunk. He could already imagine the cautionary tales. And they wouldn’t even be about the two idiots who actually got themselves killed. Just the guy who’d been stupid enough to stick around.

Alex shook his head and grabbed the car keys from his dad’s latest hiding place. Fuck that.

I have no idea who this first line was stolen from, I am just that good of a thief. But this is part of the legal theft project, which you can see here.


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