Regional Meeting Horror

It didn’t start with a bite. That came later. It started with a groan. Cassie didn’t look over at it, she figured the noise was simply a response to the latest abysmal joke their CEO made about the finance department. Two hours into the regional meeting and she felt more than a groan was in order. She was ready to go home, or anywhere really that wasn’t this hotel ballroom full of her coworkers smiling as their millionaire senior leadership blithely offered them platitudes. It apparently didn’t matter that no one would be getting bonuses this year, after all it was company culture, not money that mattered.

Cassie hadn’t looked over at the groan, but she sure as hell jerked her head up at the scream. Nadine, Cassie’s HR representative, had her teeth buried deep in a mid-managers shoulder and was chewing while the man screamed and thrashed under her. The rest of their table looked on in horror as the ballroom clambered to see what was going on. No one got much of a look before things got decidedly more complicated.

The IT department head on Cassie’s right launched himself at an admin assistant, who subsequently got a large chunk bitten out of her calf as she screamed and tried to run in heels. The VP of the company was overcome as his financial managers tackled him, bloody teeth and fingers bared. Cries and moans filled the air as her coworkers were eaten and then subsequently began eating others.

‘Well, at least I can go home.’, Cassie thought as she stepped up onto a table to avoid the grasping fingers of her contracts manager. He gnashed his teeth at her and she brained him with a glass water pitcher from the table.

Cassie was grateful she’d decided to ignore the ‘business formal’ mandate laid out by leadership. While others were hauled into waiting teeth by fitted suit jackets they couldn’t shrug out of and pencil skirts they couldn’t run in, her black jeans and dull cardigan were perfectly suited to comfortably running for your life. Cassie hopped down off the table and ducked under the office gossips already blood stained hands. She spun away from the lurching woman and jumped dexterously over the corpse of her task lead, who was already beginning to twitch and reanimate.

She’d sat near the ballroom’s back of course, all the better to sneak out had her boss not decided to sit next to her.  But he was currently being disemboweled by the payroll staff, and thus no longer an impediment to her getting out of this meeting.

Twenty feet from the doors. She was going to escape. All that stood in her way was a single zombie. She recognized his tailored suit, viscera stained mouth and gleaming cuff links shining through blood soaked sleeves. Cassie glared down what had once been her CEO and hefted her pitcher. She was going home.

The zombie CEO lumbered forward, fixed on her with hands outstretched, a horrible noise emanating from its throat. “We’ve had our critics, some from within this company. But they are no longer with us, there is only room for those willing to be part of my vision.”

Cassie blinked. Her coworkers were clapping softly, not feasting on each others entrails. The IT department head was looking down the admin’s assistant shirt, not munching on her leg. Nadine seemed perfectly content texting while Cassie’s contract manager tried to keep his eyes open, neither made any attempt to eat her alive. Their CEO was, of course, still talking about company culture while her boss murmured his agreement in the seat beside her.

Cassie looked longingly at the glass water pitcher still on the table. She groaned, there was no escape.


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