Legal Theft: Women like her

Silas was rarely awake in time to see the sun come up, let alone up, dressed, and walking outside in the crisp last moments of darkness. Maybe she was good for him.The cold stung his nose. He rubbed it as she emerged from the cafe. “Are you really up this early every day?” He asked.

She nodded and passed him a paper cup. It warmed his hands as they crossed the empty intersection into the expansive park. She breathed in the coffee smell before taking a small sip. “Just normally in running shoes.”

He let his surprise show. “Dedicated. You didn’t strike me as the type.” That’s why he liked this. He didn’t have to worry about offending her. Far away from the complicated morass of high society and the spoiled girls there he could just say what he wanted to.

She smiled, dark chocolate eyes warm and bright when she looked at him. “I’m not. My roommate is. I’m only in shape by association.” She said and Silas nodded. That made sense. She was thin, toned but without the mass of a woman who spent too much time in a gym. That was good, too much muscle often ruined otherwise attractive women.

“I’m surprised you have a roommate. Young working woman like yourself.” With what he’d just paid she could easily have a nice uptown apartment to herself. He wondered if she was lying, if she had a boyfriend. He wrapped an arm around her waist and tugged her closer. She leaned into his pull, if his possessiveness bothered her she was smart enough to hide it.

“I like being around people, always have. It works out for both of us.” She said.

He followed her gaze to the horizon where the sun was finally making its appearance. He didn’t have to be at the office for hours. “Come back with me. Stay another night” He turned her so they faced each other. With her heels she was an inch or so taller than him. He would have to speak to her about that. “You can stay at the hotel today and I’ll bring you to the gala tonight.” He bestowed the offer with a squeeze of his hands. An event like the Donovon Gala would be the chance of a lifetime for a woman in her position. He smiled, waiting for her grateful yes.

Her dark eyes softened. “That sounds wonderful, but I have to go.”

“What?” Silas’ smile held. She was playing coy. Women like her lived for these moments.

But she still leaned back from him, sliding a little from his grasp. “I have plans tonight, but perhaps another time? You have my number.” She kissed him, lips brushing against his cheek before she stepped away.

He didn’t have time to demand an explanation or to call her an ungrateful whore. She was already walking away, more quickly than he thought she could in those heels. But then, she probably had practice. He felt his mouth twist, she was in no position to refuse him after how much of a gentlemen he’d been, especially to someone like her. He turned back to his hotel with hard steps. Idiot girl, he would have treated her well.

Not that anyone’s surprised, but I am a thief. This line was stolen from Apprentice, Never Master. Check out the rest of the heist here.


5 responses to “Legal Theft: Women like her

  1. I’m so used to reading these legal theft pieces and slowly falling in love with characters. It was interesting to slowly fall into hate. I’m not sure whether I want to applaud you or punch you, but either way, you did your job well. [glares]

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