Legal Theft: Dependence

He knew, all things considered, she didn’t need him. If one day he happened to slip too far away, she would survive and carry on, which in his mind, was a good thing. There was no reason to take it personally. She wasn’t the needing sort. In fact, he mused, she took pains to need as little as possible, and was internally very proud of it.

Anyway he’d always figured it would be better to be wanted, even if it didn’t bind the way dependence tended to. Being dependent definitely wasn’t her thing, where he and it were old friends. But then, he was working on that.

“I think that is it.” She closed the trunk of the car and turned to him. This close to being free and she was already gone. Twitchy fingers and far off eyes made that plain. He’d always been able to read her far better than she could him.

“Stay away from paramilitary transnational crime syndicates this time. Or don’t. You have weird ideas about vacations.” He told her dryly.

His sister pulled him into a tight hug, which he returned. “Uh huh.” He could sense her roll her eyes. “I’ll call.”

He nodded as they pulled away from each other, swallowing a jab about the alarmist yet absolutely uninformative voicemails she was fond of leaving. He didn’t like goodbyes, they made him want to act like a jerk. “I’ll find my way to Cairo eventually, if you’re still there we’ll catch up.”

Her turn to nod. Apparently they were both bad at this. Big surprise there.

One last hug before she ducked into the car. And then the car was pulling away. Then it was gone. He sighed and walked back inside. She may not need him, but she did need this. He knew that too.

I stole the first line from Bek’s “Wants and Needs. Go check out them and all the other thieves here



2 responses to “Legal Theft: Dependence

  1. Awwww. This pleases me, like a lot. Ayesha has a brief moment of wishing she could read him better and is oddly comforted that he can read her…and wishes it didn’t hurt him as much.

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