Adventures and the Predicaments of such things.


Sister, I am eager to write but I must endeavor to keep my correspondence coherent amidst my excitement.

I will say first, that I am alive and unharmed, penning this of my own will and desire. I will say second that I hope any news you’ve received prior to this letter did not cause you overmuch distress. And thirdly, please forgive me the dramatics in what I write next, I have been captured by pirates. As I write, myself and the first and second mates are being transferred to their island stronghold.

I say in truth I never expected to write or utter the above truths, but such is the spontaneity of life I suppose. Thus far I have been treated as best as one can hope for in such a situation, the Captain herself is an interesting woman and we have talked at length over our respective cultures. She is quite the scholar. It is by her grace I am allowed to pen this letter.

Do not let my optimism disguise my concern. I am quite aware of the seriousness of my predicament, of my own making as it is. I have no intention of consigning myself to anything but an eventual return home. That said, I will not abandon the Coopers. They trusted me aboard their ship and spoke for my passage, I will not return their friendship with abandonment.

The irony does not escape me that I have been granted the adventure I’ve so long been enamored with. I suppose one must accept the perils as well, though faced with them one can only wonder if past authors have doctored their accounts. Presented with an onslaught of armed marauders the glories of adventure were the last thing on my mind.

During that moment I thought of home, and of my twin sister. I miss you, please do not worry over me. I will find my way back, I always do.

Your brother,



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