Snippets and Siblings: 4

The champagne had been popped, the gifts and congratulations given.  Sorrel’s brother was now officially one of the most powerful people in the city.  Evan had always been one of them, now he just possessed the office and the mayoral payroll to go with.

Sorrel hung back finally able to loosen his tie and shrug off his suit jacket, they’d bothered him the entire exhausting night. The party was blessedly winding down, those brave enough to stay in his elder siblings’ company did so while the rest wandered out giving respectful thanks and farewells.

He left with the cowardly, confident Evan’s gift would find its way to him.

Hours later Sorrel lounged against a twisted tree trunk and watched the stars as they reflected in the oceans expanse. The windblown cliffside provided the perfect vantage point far from the blurring glow of the city.

Headlights interrupted the scene, fading the stars. Sorrel blinked at the brightness and stood.

Evan shut the driver’s door and picked his way towards the edge as the headlights went off and their night vision took over. Sorrel stepped forward reminding himself not to flinch under his brother’s expectant look. “Sorry for the obtuse instructions, it’s not really a gift I could wrap.”

“I got that impression.” Evan commented dryly and looked out over the view. “You have my attention.”

“Remember the western cliffs back home?” Sorrel asked, following his brother’s gaze back out over the waves. “I miss them and being able to stretch, to actually move right. Figured you might too, especially being around everyone all the time.”

Evan kept silent for a moment. “The cliffs back home lie in our territory.”

Sorrel grinned. “I know. As of tonight these lie in yours.” He reasoned and took one step towards the edge. “Come on.  I remember you used to be fast.”

Evan’s mouth twitched. That was all Sorrel needed.  He ran to the cliffs edge and with a leap threw himself into the air. A moment later giant wings blotted out the stars.

A great rush and crash of air sent dirt and leaves swirling over the cliffside as a much larger set of wings followed the first out over the water.


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