Snippets and Siblings: 3

Lenore yawned and walked into the front yard to check her brother’s window again. The glass glowed yellow through the wooden blinds. Still up then. She worried her lip, retreating back into the warm interior before the rain could really soak her t-shirt and pajama pants.

She wandered into the kitchen, finishing the half done dishes before something occurred to her. Creeping up the stairs was easy, her father and sister slept heavy and Fen could work himself so fully into a brood the outside world faded.

Lenore waited in the dark hallway before cracking open the door, peaking in at the lit bedroom. As suspected her brother was awake, writing and so thoroughly engrossed at his desk he didn’t turn from his work. Lenore sighed internally, she’d be keying cars and ruining reputations if she’d been cheated on and broken up with, not writing poetry.

But to each their own. Her eyes fell on the floor. His coat drained a puddle onto the floorboards, the boots were even worse, so covered in mud and crushed leaves she barely recognized them. So maybe not just poetry. His stuff would be a soggy moldy mess by tomorrow left like that, making any additional hiking therapy impossible.

Lenore opened the door a little more, not wanting to disturb whatever he was writing. Slowly she bent low and crept forward to pull the coat into the hallway, watching Fen the entire time. It left a trail of muddy water over the floor, couldn’t be helped. The left boot came next, the leather grimy under her fingers and then the right. She breathed out, extraction successful. She smiled at Fen, still none the wiser, and shut the door without a click.

Cleaning and drying the wilderness out of his clothes would take some time if they were to be ready by tomorrow morning. Lenore set a pot of coffee to brew and tucked headphones into her ears, picking something upbeat to listen to.


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