Flash Fiction: Lady Assassins

Two very young women waited on a roof as the sun went down.  The younger groaned and flopped back so she laid belly up next to the older.

“This is so not what I imagined.” The younger said picking at a strand of dyed yellow hair and pulled the split end apart.

The older glanced to the side. “Keep your hood up.” She ordered flatly and went back to her post behind the sight.

“Its too hot.” But she tugged the hoodie back into place and started examining the chipped polish on her short nails. “We’ve been here for hours and we haven’t done anything.” She turned her head to the side watching the other girl, who stayed perfectly still, shoulder to stock and eye to sight. “I expected something to happen, and more leather.”


“Lady assassins always wear leather.” She explained, looking pointedly at her own black sweatpants and her companion’s nondescript jacket and loose jeans.

“Leather doesn’t move well.”

“We haven’t moved. At all. I thought it would be exciting. That’s why I agreed to come in the first place.”

The older girl shifted slightly, frown lines between her light brows. “You agreed to deal with the cameras.” She wriggled her shoulders to ease the stiffness. It had been a long time. Her target was running late.

“And I did.” She rolled to the side to check the screen of the laptop and its solar hookups. Blinking text and lines of code maintained her vigil on the screen. She smiled. “See, they are dealt. Seriously though, I expected some fighting, or running….” She looked at the impressive rifle set over the lip of the building. “Shooting.”

“That comes after the waiting.”

“Have you ever strangled someone with your thighs?”

“What? No.”

The younger rolled her eyes. “It happens in the movies.”

“That’s stupid.” The older said back.

“I think its badass.” She set the laptop down, content that her virtual blockades were running against the local security and surveillance. It was small time stuff, most of the units in this district hadn’t been updated in ages.

“Its not, I don’t think it would work.” She considered it for a moment, nope. It would not work.

The younger turned her head, taking in the still pose and rapt attention. “That’s disappointing. Whats the point of being a Lady Assassin if you don’t wear leather, get into high kicking fights and strangle people with your thighs?”

A quick shot cut the air, the rifle kicking back with a curt motion. A small smile graced the older girl’s mouth as the screaming began on the street below. “The pay mostly.” She sat back her eyes alive in the dying sun.

The younger closed her mouth and nodded, feeling goosebumps rise on her arms as the other packed up the rifle with swift and sure hands. Sirens echoed through the narrow streets.”Mostly?” She asked.

“Mostly.” The older stood, shouldering the guitar case. “Come on.” The younger grabbed her laptop and followed the older as quickly as she could.


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