Predator and Prey

So this was the boy. Cen was not entirely impressed as she considered the young man. Still something about him held her servant, either as student or as….She pursed her lips trying to discern the attraction. With a cloud of dark hair and an easy smile the boy was appealing in a slender ingenuous way. Not really to her tastes though.

Someone approached, pausing beside her small vantage point and preparing to interrupt her. Cen submerged the growl deep in her throat, a time ago no one would have dared.

“Hey.” The stranger greeted and Cen smelled the alcohol emanating from the cups he held… and to a lesser extent from his veins. “You’re new.”

Cen didn’t turn from her spot above the party but she flicked her eyes to the side. “I’m really not.”

He took up the spot next to her, large forearms resting against the rail of the balcony as he looked over the city scape. He turned his head to the side. “I’ve never seen you before.” He was definitely seeing her now, helped by the thin rose colored dress draped to perpetually fall off her shoulders.

Cen eyed the mage. She didn’t begrudge the attention, though the reek of his drink made her nose itch and he wasn’t powerful enough to spare any attention. “Leave my presence.”  She said and turned her full attention back to the partygoers below her. She didn’t want to talk to any of these fledgling powers.

The man nodded almost frantically and backed from the railing sweat beading on his forehead. Behind them, his compatriots laughed as he retreated back to them.

Cen would depart this taint soaked city soon, for which she was thankful. The air was always thick and sweet with rot and the pretentious people smelled of it. Briefly Cen wondered if the boy below her would pose a problem, as he seemed to possess some sort of draw, it was something to consider.

Someone cleared their throat next to Cen. She did growl softly this time, turning all of her small frame to the second interruption of the night. A young woman glared at Cen from under thick strait bangs. The fringe on her dress swayed as the girl crossed her arms “What the hell was that?” The newcomer asked, words short and accusatory.

Cen had learned that such questions were usually not inquiries, and more of a way to voice displeasure. And anyway, she didn’t feel like answering the angry socialite.

“You’re lucky I don’t call you in right now.” The girl encroached upon Cen as she stepped forward, making it clear whatever ‘call you in’ meant, it was a threat.  “Dean’s twitching and losing it. What did you do to him?”

Cen eyed her, musing over the potential threat. Another little mage, but with someone to call apparently. “I increased his natural prey drive, he is unharmed.” Cen explained, she didn’t know why such an easy spell was such a fuss. He could have been much more harmed.

“Unharmed? He’s shivering.” The mage leaned even closer. “You used the talent against one of our own. The Chamber will hear of this.” She hissed and then blinked when Cen smiled.

“Chamber? Perhaps someday.” Cen allowed and hooked her arm around the girl’s before the mage could protest. This was new and promising. “But I’ve changed my mind. I should like to speak with you and your little friends.” The socialite struggled for a moment before Cen’s fingers wrapped around her arm, and the girls eyes widened in shock and pain. “Now, tell me about this Chamber.” Cen commanded softly and began leading the girl into a more private place.


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