DPchallenge: Sheep and Wolves

This is for the Daily Post Challenge: A Character that Haunts You

Ferra twisted like a caught cat and the young man swore. He was bigger than her, stronger too. His arm, wrapped around her neck would have pushed her into unconsciousness had it been properly applied. As it was not, Ferra arched her arms and grabbed the man’s hair. He had a moment to wonder what the hell she was doing before she stood on tip toes and pulled downwards, crushing the man’s nose against the top of her skull.

His grip fell from her neck and she stumbled forward dazed by the impact and the choke hold. The man was swearing in a language Ferra didn’t know.

She took several steps back, sandaled feet sliding over the dirt alley. Ramshackle tenements bordered it on three sides, none of which she could climb easily. She readied herself for the next attack, watching the twitch of his shoulders and the direction of his eyes.

The man turned and ran, leaving her blinking in confusion as he scrambled around the corner and out of her sight.


“You have blood in your hair.” Kane said. He set the plate of rice and vegetables down in front of her. She really wanted a cheeseburger, but none were any good here.

“Someone attacked me.” Ferra ran a hand over the back of her head; she’d tried to get all the rusty particles off before she’d returned to the small loft Kane rented.

“Oh?” Kane sat across from her, legs folded under him as was the dining custom in the small dusty town they stayed in. He took a bite of vegetable and looked to her expectantly for the story.

Ferra stopped pulling the rusty bits of dried blood from her hair. “He followed me down an alley and I crushed his nose once he grabbed me. He was not trying to kill me.”

“You’re a foreign girl wandering alone in the slums. They thought they’d get a ransom or at least a good price on the market.” He said and glared when she stiffened at his words. “You cling to that silly trauma, get over it. Children disappear every day, you survived I don’t see why continue to dwell on it.” Kane went back to his food, the movement of his fork tight with annoyance. Ferra did the same. She did not think you simply got over things like that. You could push it from your mind; but those things didn’t go away. The two ate in silence, him annoyed and her uncharacteristically pensive, until both had cleared their plates. “You didn’t finish.”

“He ran from me.” Ferra stated. It had been odd, and the way the man had looked at her through the blood, it’d made her feel powerful. “He didn’t expect me to fight back.”

“Most people don’t.” Disdain made his voice syrupy, though she could tell it wasn’t directed at her now.  “You scared him. He went for a sheep and got a wolf.” The concept amused him, making his flat eyes alive and bright.  He got to his feet and went to do the dishes.

Ferra didn’t think she was a wolf. Wolves ran in packs, the only person she had was Kane.


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