Gifts and Grudges

Silyin pulled against the gold clasps, pulling them apart with her long strong fingers. Almost free she shivered the silk off her shoulders, finally breathing when the golden cloth folded like water against the mud of the riverbank.  The sheer gown he’d gifted her was reminiscent of his fingers, too soft against her skin.

She didn’t mind the pull of the current as she waded in, scrubbing with her hands trying to get the feel of him and the silk off her. The cold was pleasant and she let it run through her long course hair, tangling it into knots it would take ages to get out. Disgusting half-breeds. They could primp and wash all they liked. Under it all Silyin could smell it. Hell, she could still smell it on her own skin.

With a snort of frustration that turned into bubbles Silyin submerged her head, her hair pulling her head with current. It wasn’t a problem, she was stronger than her spindly frame belied and she let the water pull her only as far as she wanted to go. When she broke the surface Otho was standing on the riverbank, her muddied gown under his barefoot. She could barely see any of the gold, so covered in the riverbank soil. “You snuck back in.” He said and began unclasping his armor. He set the simple rough leather tenderly away from the bank and the damaging water. Soon his shirt and breeches joined the pile and he stepped into the river.

“It’s wrong, him touching you.” Otho waded over to her slight frame. Standing he was nearly three heads taller than her, but in the water he kneeled to look her in the eyes.

“It is necessary.” She corrected. Silyin would do what was required of her, and happily. Mostly anyway, she scrubbed her hand over her skin again. She wondered if Otho could smell the impurity on her.

“He gave you a gift.” Otho shook his head, his nose wrinkling in a small snarl.

“I am his mistress. Mistresses get gifts.” She said simply. Silyin didn’t mention that she’d been given many. The man in question was a lord and a rich one at that.

Otho looked back to the tiny sparkle of gold still unsullied by the mud and his footsteps. “I don’t think you liked it very much.” He turned back, smile wide enough for the tiny points of his teeth to show.

Silyin smiled back and laughed. “I didn’t.” She closed the gap between them with a single frog like stroke through the water.

His large hands grasped the sides of her hips and he pulled her even closer. “I will make sure to tell him that when I kill him.” Otho said as he kissed the point of her ear, his voice tickling her neck.

Otho was a fine warrior and given the chance he would match the half-breed in battle quite well, however, her commanders had a different plan for him. There was no need to tell Otho that though. She kissed him then and tried to forget her lord.


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