Creepy Stuff: Lyn

I’ve only posted the introductions to the individual story lines of the “Creepy Stuff” series. Once I get them all up here the story lines will cycle back and the series might actually live up to its namesake. Until that time though…build up!

The tiled courtyard was immaculately kept. Lyn could not wholly appreciate the elegant hanging garden and terra cotta, she was focused on the armed guards now approaching from the outside of her car. “This suddenly strikes me as one of my poorer career decisions.” She commented.

Randall, her own armed guard checked the cartridge of his silenced handgun and chuckled. “After you Duchess.”

One of the guards pulled her door open allowing her to step out, though not far as he blocked her path. “Is Mr. Grant expecting you?” His expression made it clear that he thought not.

Lyn ignored the semi-automatics casually held around her. “He should be expecting me.” She told the man and looked pointedly past him towards the entrance into the villa. She was surprised everything looked so normal, the vineyards, at least those viewed from the mile long drive up the private road, were flourishing and the grounds looked staffed, if on high alert. Something had to explain the kingpin’s sudden withdrawal from her organization and his self imposed incarceration in his mansion turned fortress.

“Mr.Grant is seeing no visitors. Kindly leave the grounds, the gate guard will let you out onto the main road.” He pointed to her car with the tip of his gun.

“I am not a visitor. Kindly let Mr.Grant know that Joslyn Cooper is here. He will want to talk to me.” She said. Randall had now moved from the outside of his door to stand behind her, unlike most of the toughs she hired Randall didn’t tower over her, but his slightly shorter than average frame still managed to look ominous.

“Get back in your car Ms. Coop–” The order was interrupted when one of the staff, face bloodless excited the villa and whispered something in the closest guard’s ear. In tandem all the armed staff put their fingers to earpieces.

A moment later, with a chorus of safety switches flicked off, each of Grant’s guards leveled their weapons at Lyn.

Behind her Randall sighed audibly.


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