Fiction: Creepy Stuff: Marie

Between finals and a potential new job creating any new fiction has been nigh impossible. Thus my attempt to go back and edit projects continues. 

The small studio’s lighting was perfect. It created a sharp contrast between the cream colored fabric across her torso and her dark skin. Marie let one of the silk sleeves fall, so it rested half on her shoulder. She twisted her spine and let her face look bored. The camera whirled in a dozen more shots and Marie moved into the next pose.

“Glorious, hand to the right, correct.” The woman behind the camera purred as she flowed into a different angle. “Thank you for coming so late Lovey. When the girl I’d booked didn’t show I didn’t think anyone would suit that Chanel silk, but suit it you do.”

Marie smiled in thanks but did not break her position. More than a hundred shots later Marie stretched and the woman put the camera back in its case.

“Thank you Ms. Seranov, it’s been a pleasure to work with you.” Marie’s smile was not just a pleasantry. The woman was a phenomenal photographer and Marie knew why. Sophia Seranov had been an international model since the age of fourteen. She’d taken to the industry as if she possessed more than a lifetime of experience. Now in her mid thirties with the barest of lines framing her mouth and splintering from her blue eyes, Seranov made her way in the industry as she was allowed.

“Call me Sophia Lovey. You’re a natural, I’m surprised I’ve not heard your name around town before.” The older woman pulled the door from the home studio open and the two women continued down a hall into the rest of Sophia’s home.

“Well, the industry is tough…” Marie explained weakly. “But this has been quite an amazing opportunity.”

The woman made a dismissive gesture with her hand as she led Marie through the townhome and to the immaculately stainless steel kitchen. As she removed two generously sized wine glasses from the cabinet she continued. “You’re beautiful, you deserve the cover. That is how these things work.” Deep dark wine was poured and a glass offered to Marie. “With that face and body, anyone could have a long career in the industry.” Sophia smiled and took a long sip of the liquid.

“You’re too kind.” Marie said and did the same.


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