I got myself a present.

I’ve been wanting a graphics tablet for a very long time now. But they are expensive and I don’t possess a reason to own one. I am not an artist or someone with good handwriting. I am not a purveyor of web comics or illustrations. There’s no reason for me to shell out the $70 for another computer accessory that will clutter my already brimming desk. 

But I did. I got a real person’s job. The kind that comes with a salary and the option to go to the dentist. And as a reward I bought myself something I have no practical business owning. The little amount of doodling I’ve done on the thing’s standard software proves that. 

I like drawing, it helps me picture my characters and gives my hands something to do while on the phone. Maybe I’ll get better at it, probably not though and that’s okay. I didn’t buy it to get better. 


Yah…I have no business owning one of these things. 



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