I want to write a video game…

…and I don’t know how.  

The idea is holding my mind hostage, and has been for almost the last week. I have a beginning, an ending (or four alternate ones), an idea for the gameplay mechanics, a main character, a supporting character, a setting, a boss battle, the minions and the low level enemies….

Just the presence of a beginning and end(s) set it apart from most of my story ideas in the first place. So what do I do now?

What is the format for a video game ‘script’? Is it more like a screenplay, or a novel? How do I even begin writing this down…much less showing it to anyone. I would never claim to know the in and out of publishing anything, but I can usually guess on the process. Do video game studios even take creative submissions from outsiders? 

I can’t write the code, or mock up any art. All I have is the story. 

I have many questions while this ‘idea’ is sitting in my head, leaving little room for finals, my new job or really anything else. 


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