Fiction: Creepy Stuff: Cera

Again going back and editing stuff. These episodic tidbits are just writing exercises when the mood strikes me. 

Cera pulled her dyed yellow hair into a messy bun. “I was assured booze, frat guys and general sluttiness Britney.”

The natural blonde walking next to her laughed. “We’ll get to that I promise, has Rush really been that boring?” The two girls made their way across the senior lawn, heading towards the rows of sorority houses at the edge of campus. It was a thursday night and many of the students were out making their own ways to nighttime festivities.

“Rush has been fine and you’ve been fucking awesome. I didn’t even know you recruited from the CS majors….” Cera commented.

Britney widened her already characteristic grin. “We take the best and brightest. Thats kinda what we are about.”

“I’ve heard.” Cera shot back dryly. “Again and again. I’m just looking forward to the irresponsible binge drinking and horrible life choices.” She grinned at the other girl to show she was only half joking.

Britney pulled her varsity jacket tighter around herself and Cera did the same with her sweatshirt. “I promise.” She repeated.  “All the bad life choices you want… But tonight is all about good ones.” She flashed perfectly straight teeth. “Its been two months of Rush, only Phi Beta Kappa does that, makes sure they really want you. The fact that you are being invited means a lot. Doesn’t that make you a little excited?”

“Sure, especially with ya’ll giggling and exchanging conspiratorial looks. I just want to see what the fuss is about.” Cera said.

Britney’s shaped brows knit together.

“And to join a sacred sisterhood…” Cera tacked on.



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