Women Aren’t Perfect (And We Shouldn’t Expect Them To Be)

Rarely have I encountered a thought catalog(or other blog) that was so succinct. I think this hits the nail on the head, especially when people discuss pop culture issues like Lena Dunham’s Girls or the Rhianna/Chris Brown Scandal. Thank you Nico Lang.

Thought Catalog

I went home a few weeks ago for a belated birthday celebration with my family in Cincinnati. I’m too afraid of everything to get on a plane without several doses of Dramamine and a Vodka Tonic in me, so I took the early morning bus, waking up at the crack of dawn to have someone wantonly drool on my shoulder while I tried to finish my copy of The Lonely Polygamist. I was seated across from two girls who spent the entire trip kiking, gossiping and drinking what appeared to be a Southern Comfort mixer out of their water bottles. I only brought books. I was not adequately prepared for this.

Over the sound of X’s Los Angeles on my headphones, I listened to my two friendly Indiana aislemates shittalk what had to be almost every woman they’ve ever been acquainted with — especially Brooke, who had committed the…

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